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Case Study for Dancexcel

Case-study-icon-150x150The Client: Dancexcel

Dancexcel is a Performing Arts School in Sydney, Australia. Established in 2006, the school saw unprecedented growth in the recent years. Today, it is considered as one of Sydney’s finest dancing schools and a favourite with the local community and its students.

The Challenge

Dancexcel came to Evolve Systems looking for a hassle-free website development solution as well as a mobile app to manage its members. In the wake of its unprecedented growth and rising strength, the increasingly popular dance school had all but outgrown its existing web presence and member management system.

It needed a simple, efficient and cost-effective way to create a member-based website and a mobile app. Moreover, it needed it quickly. Dancexcel told us that it wanted the website and mobile app to work together for creating new referrals and providing members with up-to-date and relevant information.

Besides the technical requirements, Dancexcel’s project warranted an excellent, aesthetically appealing and user-friendly solution. Dancexcel had a reputation to consider as it searched for a way to better manage its students and members. Therefore, the school could not afford to introduce a system that in any way damaged its increasingly excellent reputation.

The Solution

Dancexcel put their trust in Evolve Systems as it felt confident that we would deliver a great website and app development solution. It relied on our professional expertise, creativity and our ability to provide quick turnaround without affecting the quality of the solution.

Before delving into development, we took a little time to understand the world in which Dancexcel operated. Our developers, designers and project managers sat down with Ms Catherine Edwards who has been running Dancexcel since its inception.

Both the website and the mobile app were developed side-by-side. We made sure these two perfectly complemented each other and worked to help Dancexcel achieve its goals. The mobile app shares the colour schemes and overall look and feel of the Dancexcel’s existing website. This creates instant familiarity for Dancexcel students and other users of the app.

The member-based website and mobile app were brilliantly designed, user-friendly, and packaged with excellent technical support. Dancexcel has access to Evolve’s 24/7 technical support, enabling the dance school to achieve sustainable success.

The Results

Evolve Systems delivered a customized, world-class mobile app to Dancexcel and provided a framework for developing a member website. Both deliverables enhanced the dance school’s capabilities just the way it wanted to. Ms Catherine Edwards was thrilled by how quickly and cost-effectively we created the app and expedited the website development.

The mobile app was launched on Apple’s App Store and Google Play with great response. A lot of users have downloaded the app and its user-base just keeps on increasing.

In addition to delivering the exact functionality requested by the school, Evolve’s solution helped enhance the Dancexcel brand. The new website and mobile app are now among the highlights of Dancexcel spectacular growth.

The overall impact of Evolve’s mobile app and web development solution has been instrumental in preparing the dance school for a new phase of growth. Dancexcel is now well on its way to better managing its expanding presence.