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Case Study for Renton’s Printing

The Client: Renton’s Printing

Renton’s Printing is a family-owned printing business based in Sydney. It has grown dramatically from offering a single product in 1964 to having the widest range of printed products in Australia today. The company has clients across Australia as well as New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

The Challenge

While family-run Renton’s Printing has been providing printing services since 1964, the business Renton’s Printing was registered in 2003. Before that, they operated under the name of Renton Management Services Pty Ltd. which was incorporated in 1975. Now in 2013, when Renton’s Printing came to Evolve Systems, the brand had celebrated a decade in the business.

We were asked to design and develop a WordPress website for the company. Renton’s Printing thought of itself as more than just a printing company. It had a broad spectrum of different types of clients. Despite their expansive printing operations, wide-ranging printing services and far-reaching clients, Renton’s Printing positioned itself as a personal, family-owned printing shop.

Their current website left a lot to be desired and we were tasked with providing a customised WordPress website that not only showcased the Renton’s Printing brand, but efficiently promoted its wide range of printing products and services on a modest budget.

The Solution

Evolve Systems agreed to work on a humble budget for designing and developing a fully customised WordPress website that reflected Renton’s Printing’s unique brand. The web designers and developers at Evolve immersed themselves in Renton’s Printing’s domain. This was instrumental in helping us grasp the values, ideology and expectations of this inspiring and successful family-owned printing company.

The website we designed captures the essence of the unique Renton’s Printing brand. It also plays the role of the ultimate sales tool. All of the company’s printing services are efficiently showcased on the new website. In addition, we created a fresh, professional website design and added a host of new pages detailing the range of products offered by the printing company.

Renton’s Printing trusted Evolve Systems’ expertise to deliver an impressive, user friendly and accessible website. That’s exactly what we delivered. According to the company’s graphic designer, Matt, the website has an impressive “level of finish”, is easy to use, and has excellent cross browser compatibility. We also kept costs down thanks to our efficient web development processes and smart business model.

The Results

With the new WordPress ready for launch, Renton’s Printing is geared for yet another spectacular phase of growth with some rebranding. The website we developed helps the company make the most of the benefits of WordPress technology.

Renton’s Printing saved considerable time, money and effort that would otherwise be spent on experimenting with WordPress. The Evolve web design and development team took care of everything, delivering the printing company a valuable online asset that will not only provide immediate benefits, but enhance their competitive advantage over the long run.

Renton’s Printing new SEO-friendly website will be more effective in generating traffic and cementing the company’s position in the market. An increasing group of new customers will flock to the printing company while existing ones will be more confident about their trust in Renton’s Printing.