Nathan O'Hara


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First Name: Nathan
Last Name: O'Hara
Business Name: Nathan O'Hara
Country: United States

Dr. Nathan O’Hara has worked in the field of hypnotherapy since 1975, when he had the wonderful fortune to be trained and mentored by Dr. Gyda Hallum at the University of Houston in Victoria, Texas.   

Over the years his practice has evolved to incorporate an eclectic range of methods, always with the goal of helping people grow toward ever greater health and integration in all four primary aspects of being - Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.

The Trance Traveler is Nathan’s offering to the human community, in the hope that these eleven trance journeys may play a part in the evolution of our consciousness toward a more mature, grateful, joyful, and ecologically sustainable way of living on Earth.

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